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Biolotus Inc., its full name is Biolotus Technology Lasa Inc. (formerly Biolotus Technology Jiangsu Inc.), was established in September 2012, with registered capital of RMB 68,354,000 , headquartered in, No.5 Gesang Road, Lasa Economic Development Zone, owning four subsidiaries. Biolotus Inc. is focused on plant cultivation, effective ingredient extraction, production and sales of stevia, gardenia yellow pigment and so on. It wins many honors,

Stevioside as a new natural sweetener can be widely used in various types of food, beverages, medicine and chemical products.

Stevia Blends”Is a combination of stevioside, mangosteen glycosides, erythritol and other natural sweetener mixture, is a pure natural health source.

Gardenia yellow pigment with heat to fire, cooling blood gallbladder, lower cholesterol, with a certain health function