Biolotus Inc. is focused on plant cultivation, effective ingredient extraction, production and sales of stevia

Stevia sugar
Stevia is a new kind of natural sweetener extracted from a wild herbaceous plant called stevia rebaud...
Zero value sugar
Stevia the spirit of heaven and earth suck the essence of the sun and the moon. One is in the hands a...
Sugar for sugar
1 the ideal choice of replacing white sugar by family replacement; 2 diabetic patients can be reliev...


with registered capital of RMB 68,354,000 , headquartered in, No.5 Gesang Road, Lasa Economic Development Zone, owning four subsidiaries.

The advantages of planting

Large-scale planting base of 30000 Mu (20,000,000 m2) builds up the leader position in the industry

Scientific research advantage

Biolotus Biotechnology has carried out successful cooperation with Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Seedling fostering advantage

Extraodinary technology of stevia seedling fostering

Processing advantages

Biolotus shares in the global exclusive master of two Stevia processing core technology

(  Red represents the countries that have already worked together,
and the green represents the countries that will soon cooperate.  )

Company News

Specific application of steviodies...
1, jam, candied fruit and spices The reference formula of soy sauce The 4% white sugar used the formula, the us...
China's food additives enterprises n...
The global market for sweeteners is 250 thousand tons and the market capacity is around 7 billion. BCC believes...
EU revision of stevioside index para...
According to the EU website, the European Union issued the (EU) 2016/1814 Ordinance to revise the index paramet...